Design Services...

Maymax Engineering Ltd provide complete design design services from drawing to 3D modelling, As each machine or part design is specific to the needs of the individual customer, a detailed consultancy process is undergone. We consult with the customer to assess their needs, taking into account the constraints of time and quality.

Information gained from preliminary discussions enables the designers at Maymax to make decisions on the direction the machine or part design will take. The overall design is broken down into relevant subsections, allowing detailed analysis of its needs. Depending on the complexity, design sketches, CAD drawings or 3D CAD models are made to aid visualisation of the proposal. With the aid of these visualisation tools and further discussion with the client, the proposal is further refined to a point where a formal quotation is made.

Once the client is happy with our initial designs and quotation, work starts on the final design of the machine or part. Depending on its scale, this may be done by an individual member of our design staff or broken down into sections to be worked on by a dedicated design team. State of the art Computer Aided Design software and techniques are used to ensure design changes are made in a controlled manner. After completing the overall design individual components are detailed and sent to our manufacturing team for further processing.

At Maymax Engineering Ltd our clients needs come first, this means that not only do we offer our own design services for any parts or machines you may need but we are also able to work from any pre-exisiting designs you may have so please feel free to contact us for more information on how we may be able to fulfil your needs.