About Maymax Precision Engineering...

Maymax specialise in the manufacturing of precision machined components and assemblies for the Automotive, Medical, Aerospece, Oil & Gas and Scientific Industries. Our services include:

On-Time delivery 97%
Quality level of 99.99%
Customer satisfaction level of 90%
ISO 9001 certified
Multi-axis CNC turning
Multi-axis CNC milling
Technical expertise
Prototype, batch and volume production
Diverse manufacturing capability
Complete project management
Kanban & Stock management service
Wide-ranging customer base
A friendly and personalised service

We are dedicated to precision, overseeing every detail with a keen and expert eye. This ensures a reliable quality to our finished products. We value the importance of timely and efficient production and delivery of components to our clients. When production time is pressured by external factors, we possess the ability to provide a quick turnaround and to increase the run cycles to match possible variations in your schedule.

We hire only the most skilled engineers who are all trained to be the best in their specialised fields. Our philosophy dictates our commitment to tackling demanding projects that require and encourage our workforce to think creatively and outside the box.

Some of our services...